Campaing map Legenden von Arturia 2014

A new "Arturia" campaign is coming up! 22.07.2016-24.007.2016 with Araby, Bretonia, Chaos, Khemri, Witch Hunter and Vampire!!!


The "Arturia" campaign has been played from 18.-20.07.2014. This year eight realms (Chaos, Dwarves, Empire, Goblins, Khemri, Skaven, Witch Hunter and Vampires) fight for glory. I have extended and developed the campaign system and created a new map solution. Details will follow in Warmaster digest issue 5.


I organized a Warmaster campaign from 19.-21.07.2013 with the titel "Legenden von Arturia". Six armies (Araby, Chaos, Dwarves, Empire, Khemri and Orcs) fought for victory. The campaign was successful finished. I will write an article in English about the campaign for the fanzine Warmaster digest which is published within the homepage for free. Second edition with the campaign report can be found at the mentioned homepage or here.


2010 a large European campaign was organized. The special thing herby was that the battles which has been played within each region had an impact on the result of the campaign. If you are interessted please follow the link. 


Once a year the EuroGT was organized over several years. Within this European Campaign tournament players of various tabletop systems (Warmaster, Warhammer and Mordheim) met for a weekend. The last EuroGT happend in Karlsruhe and was organized by myself.


Unfortunately since 2011 no EuroGT has been organized.