On this page I want to introduce my self-produced units. If you are interested please contact me via the contact formular. Or give me feedback within my guest book.


My self-produced units:


Goblin Archers of the dark wood

Alternative for WM Nightgoblins

Trial rules: 1 Attack and 2 shots on 30 cm instead of 2 attacks and 1 shot on 15 cm


Goblin spiderriders of the dark wood

Alternative for WM Wolvesrider

Trial rules: Spiderriders betrays wood as open terrain and have no shooting possibility instead


Undead scorpionrider of the holy pyramid

Alternative for WM Khemri Sceleton riders or chariots

Trial rules: Alternative for chariots, shooting distance 15 cm, but 2 shots


Pikemen of the mercenary

Produced - pictures follow after painting. Didn't had a lot of time within the last months


Painting project:

Orcs & golbins (3000 p+)


There are rumors that a new Orc and Goblin horde is within recruitment. A spy brought proofs home which shows that a Orc Chief is calling his troops to arms. It seems they are waiting for more troops to join the next raid. Be prepared and protect your country, they may hit you!