On this page I want to introduce my self-produced units. If you are interested please contact me via the contact formular. Or give me feedback within my guest book.


My self-produced units:


Goblin Archers of the dark wood

Alternative for WM Nightgoblins

Trial rules: 1 Attack and 2 shots on 30 cm instead of 2 attacks and 1 shot on 15 cm


Goblin spiderriders of the dark wood

Alternative for WM Wolvesrider

Trial rules: Spiderriders betrays wood as open terrain and have no shooting possibility instead


Undead scorpionrider of the holy pyramid

Alternative for WM Khemri Sceleton riders or chariots

Trial rules: Alternative for chariots, shooting distance 15 cm, but 2 shots


Pikemen of the mercenary

Produced - pictures follow after painting. Didn't had a lot of time within the last months