My hobby

Tabeltop gaming is a special kind of playing, because beside the strategical game you spent a lot of tiime to paint your armies and produce your own scenery.

Of course you can buy painted armies via online auctions, but who doesn't dreams to have his individual self-painted army on the battle field. 

The scale of Warmaster (10 mm) is excellent for large battles in the style of Lord of the Rings. Warmaster is well balanced which means, you don't need to spent a lot of money all time to buy new units.


Unfortunately Games Workshop stopped the support for Warmaster, but the rules are still under developement by the community and can be found in the web. Within my link section you find the current Warmaster Revolution rulebook and army list.

My projects

Every tabletop gamer knows this: You wish a special unit oder miniature, but now one is producing it. I therefore produced my own units.


Goblin Archers of the dark wood

Goblin spiderriders of the dark wood

Undead scorpionrider of the holy pyramid

Pikemen of the mercenary


Current painting project:

Dogs of war (2000 points+)